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High-end villa intelligent lock

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  • Selective Color:Red bronze,Bronze,24K gold
  • Material:Pure copper
  • Size specification:618*70*18mm
  • Model ST-017497002
  • 1.Copper material, surface antioxidant ability stronger, corrosion resistance; zinc alloy lock villa and industry competitive advantages;

    2.The appearance of luxury, pull down to highlight the palace atmosphere; and equipped with a stylish function, perfect;

    3.Extended function as a major bright spot for high-end crowd;

    4.The price of the ordinary copper villa positioning and mechanical lock gap is not obvious competitive advantage;

  • 1.Fingerprint, password, credit card, standby key lock;

    2.Nanny staff time lock management functions;

    3.Free addition and deletion to manage ordinary users; (up to 1000 users);

    4.Voice navigation operation, liquid crystal display reminder time, date, power consumption, indoor temperature and operation, fashion touch screen;

    5.Open record query (100 thousand), attendance function;

    6.Combined authentication, dual identity function;

    7.Anti hijack alarm function;

    8.Emergency power supply, dual system power supply and dual core circuit;

    9.No wiring, universal installation, universal universal GB and Overlord lock body;

    10.Scalable network remote lock, unlock, WIFI visual doorbell docking remote monitoring intercom linkage;


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