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Villa classic Intelligent lock

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  • Selective Color:Mirror silver,Sapphire blue
  • Material:Kirsite
  • Size specification:330*75*26mm
  • Model ST-027497003
  • 1.The appearance of the Korean style, very stylish, simple;

    2.The surface color more lasting: to the touch panel inner conductive layer after plating, the inner plating layer separated from the outside air, antioxidant ability, the periphery of the panel used in automotive paint technology, salt fog test is far greater than the ordinary fingerprint lock;

    3.The use of imported anti abrasion scratch resistant materials, and film protection, even if it has been used as a new lock;

    4.Ultra low power industry is almost static, as 45 microamps, product service life is longer, the battery life of 2 years;

    5.The anti cat function more secure, motor 300 thousand times without fault, configuration of casting impact resisting anti violent destruction;

  • 1.Fingerprint, password, credit card, standby key lock (remote control unlock);

    2.The cat's eye, anti anti hook function, more secure;

    3.Doorbell calling function;

    4.Nanny staff time lock management functions;

    5.Free addition and deletion to manage ordinary users; (up to 1000 users);

    6.Voice navigation operation, liquid crystal display reminder time, date, power consumption, indoor temperature and operation, fashion touch screen;

    7.Open record query (100 thousand), attendance function;

    8.Combined authentication, dual identity function;

    9.Anti hijack alarm function;

    10.Emergency power supply, dual system power supply and dual core circuit;

    11.No wiring, universal installation, universal universal GB and Overlord lock body;

    12.Scalable network remote lock, unlock, WIFI visual doorbell docking remote monitoring intercom linkage;


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