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Villa classic Intelligent lock

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  • Selective Color:Red bronze,Bronze,Golden,silvery
  • Material:Kirsite
  • Size specification:
  • Open the sliding cover:430*81*40mm
  • Close sliding cover:342*81*40mm
  • Model ST-027497005
  • 1.Appearance is superior; in addition to the password is the touch and touch screen than the relatively backward;

    2.More than 10 years of quality is not an exaggeration;

    3.10 years ago, the main lock is thick and durable, very real material;

    4.This is SEATREND 10 years ago the classic style lock, after nearly 10 years still can continue selling on the market and now ordinary slide lock compared favorably;

  • 1.Fingerprint, password, key three ways to unlock;

    2.Universal installation, double fast structure, universal anti-theft lock body and Overlord lock body;

    3.Sliding cover protection, to prevent direct sunlight and light, to prevent the malicious open fingerprint residues;

    4.DSP processor, optical infrared penetrating fingerprint module, priority comparison, auto repair, automatic memory;

    5.Low static power consumption to 40 A, 4 1.5V batteries for more than 1 years, the touch screen string code;

    6.LED display, free to add, delete the management of fingerprint password, easy to use;

    7.The lock body and the parts are made of cast steel, silica gel encapsulation, dustproof and waterproof;

    8.The unique interior safety tongue lock, anti disturb;

    9.Emergency external power interface;

    10.Decoration can be used to open the password, the password can be removed at any time and modify the function of the door;


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